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  • Rajeshkumar M

vSphere Tags to NSX-T Tags

I created a simple powercli script to copy the vSphere Tags to NSX-T, it helped me to copy the NSX-T tags on the recovery VM's in non-federated/local NSX-T managers. Since SRM retain the vSphere TAG's on the recovery side and i was able to create NSX-T tags from vSphere Tags.

Please note i have copied vSphere tag categories to NSX-T tag scope, i have an array variable($tagCategory) in my script to include the vSphere tag categories and the tags under these categories copied to NSX-T also i have array to include variable($clusterName) for clusters as well.

Connect-VIServer $vSphereFQDN -User $vSphereUser -Password $vSpherePass
Connect-NsxServer $nsxFQDN -User $nsxUser -Password $nsxPass
$allNSXVMs = Invoke-ListAllVirtualMachines
foreach($vm in get-vm -Location $clusterName){
$nsxVM=$allNSXVMs.Results | ? { $_.DisplayName -eq $ }
foreach($tag in $vm | Get-TagAssignment -Category $tagCategory)
Write-Host($nsxVM.DisplayName + " "+$tag.Tag.Name + " " + $tag.Tag.Category + " "+$nsxVM.ExternalId)
$tags = $tags+(Initialize-Tag -Scope $Tag.Tag.Category -_Tag $Tag.Tag.Name)
if($tags.count -gt 0 )
$tagupdate = Initialize-VirtualMachineTagsUpdate -Tags $tags -VirtualMachineId $nsxVM.ExternalId
Invoke-TagVirtualMachine -EnforcementPointName default -VirtualMachineTagsUpdate $tagupdate
$tags = $null
Disconnect-NsxServer $nsxFQDN 
Disconnect-VIServer $vSphereFQDN -Confirm:$false

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